Dossier 2: Baskerville

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The Poet

Ray Holmes
Lisa J. Cihlar
Ryan Smith
Alisha Erin Hillam
Rachel Hoge
Z.G. Tomaszewski

The Poem

“Rising Action”
“On Keeping”
“My Dearest Darling”
“To Z, Six Years After the Arrest”
[You can hear wind echo]

The Design

Dossier 2: Baskerville, a serif typeface designed in 1757 by John Baskerville; transitional; distinguished by increased contrast between thick and thin strokes (compared to older faces) and the use of ball terminals and swash tails, especially in the italic form.

Best for: Soul Searching

(The body of each included poem is set in Baskerville)

Spiral bound chapbook compilation of previously published Architrave poems. All poems and the cover are letterpress printed by hand on archival cardstock in a limited edition run. Liner notes for each poem are also included.